AURUMBIRD Wooden Water Resistance Folding Rowing Machine Review

AURUMBIRD Wooden Water Rowing Machine

AURUMBIRD Water Folding Rowing Machine

AURUMBIRD Water Folding Rowing Machine is a wooden fitness equipment with the water resistance and LCD-backlit display for a whole body workout. With a furniture grade appearance and design it looks nicer than the standard rowing machines. May 16, 2021 is the date it was first available at and is ranked the 39th best selling rowing machine at the moment. 

AURUMBIRD Water Rower has a robust and durable structure, being made of aluminium and oak and has a total user weight capacity of 320 pounds. It doesn’t need any special maintenance and is easy to operate. It offers you a realistic rowing experience that will feel like rowing on a body of water like a lake or river. With the sitting position and lateral motion that helps prevent the long-term gravity pressure and the imposing movement on the knee joint, it will help protect the knees. 

You get a very intense but low impact aerobic/cardiovascular workout that gets more than 80% of the muscles in your body involved- your legs (lower limbs), arms, chest, shoulder, buttocks and back. It will improve the coordination, power and vitality effectively in your muscles with a low knee joint damage. It helps alleviate the back and shoulder pain, relieve any spinal pressure, prevent lumbar muscle strain and protect the knees and other joints. The clear LCD-backlit display shows the calories burned, distance traveled, count, total count and time exercised. It has a solid, high precision and quiet bearing for a quiet and smooth rowing experience.

AURUMBIRD Water Folding Rowing Machine Rower

With the 180-degree fully foldable design and easy retractability it does not occupy much space but it is still a big and heavy equipment and you can move it around on its transportation wheels. You can still get it in and out of the rooms that way and store it in a convenient spot and will only take up 20 x 22 inches of space vertically. You’ll find the floor stabilizers- levellers underneath this water rower for maintaining balance and stability and any wobbling is prevented during your sessions.

It comes with an ergonomic molded seat, adjustable footplates, soft handle and water tank. The large and ergonomic seat is good for different body types and slides freely on the double track smoothly and quietly, offering you a stable and comfortable workout. The water tank of this rower is made of good quality PV and has the solid fans that offer higher resistance. And this resistance will go up as you row faster and will go down when you row slower. The anti-slip pedals on this rower have the customisable or adjustable foot straps to keep your feet in place. And your feet are prevented from slipping and getting a potential injury. 

With the good quality and robust, high-intensity strap that drives the fan blades smoothly and will help create a great deal of resistance depending on how hard or fast you pull it. It is shipped mostly assembled and you just need to attach the wheels and a couple of other parts. The monitor on this rower is not the best and the indicators are reported to be not accurate and foot straps are not the most comfortable but will hold your feet in place and you should get used to them after a few times. The rower is quite big even when folded and may be a little challenging when rolling it on its wheels. But otherwise it is a great rowing machine that does what it is supposed to do well and works your arms, legs, back and more than 80% of your body. 

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