Apollo Kinetics Pulse Portable Electric Deep Tissue Percussion Muscle Massage Gun with 4 Heads Review

Apollo Kinetics Pulse Deep Tissue Percussion Massager

Apollo Kinetics Pulse Massage Gun Portable Electric Deep Tissue Massager

Apollo Kinetics Pulse Massage Gun is a portable electric deep tissue percussion muscle massager with a handheld cordless ergonomic design, soft touch finish and three speed levels. It offers whole body pain relief with the recovery stimulator and 4 head attachments.

The average customer rating is 4.8 out of 5 stars by 219 users at the time of this product review. The color options include the cool blue, flat white, gunmetal gray, matte black, soft coral and volt green. It has the very solid and durable brushless DC motor with the lower vibrations and less noise. This percussion electric massager device is lightweight- weighs only 2.35 pounds including the battery.

It is very simple to operate with the 3-speed level vibrations to help relieve the muscle soreness, pain or tension. It is a very versatile massage gun with the 4 attachment heads of cushion, hammer, pinpoint and spine. The soft round shaped cushion head is good for relieving general soreness. Flat design of the hammer is for softening dense muscles. Pinpoint has a tapered design for releasing trigger points. And the spine fork design focuses on the bony areas.

There is not a limit on how much you can use the massager on a single area. You can use it as long as you can handle it. The noise level is 52 decibels at Low, 56 decibels at Medium and 62 decibels at High. And you won’t be disturbing yourself or people near you. You can take it on the plane with you but will probably need to travel in your checked luggage. When you fully charge the battery it shall last between 5 and 8 hours depending on which one of the three speeds or percussions you use this device at.

Apollo Kinetics Pulse Massage Gun Portable Electric Deep Tissue

The battery and the charger are both UL approved and perfectly safe to use. The LED lights and the green ring turn on when the battery power is on. And when the battery is charging the battery switch will be off with the green ring blinking and stay steady when it is charged completely. It is easy to take the battery apart by pressing on the side bottom and removing the battery.

It is quite a powerful device and any more power or percussions than what you get with this device would be quite painful. Like with most products these days the massager and the battery are manufactured in China. It is very easy to use it for self massaging other than for your back. You’ll get a carrying case included in the package. You can use it at home, gym or take it wherever you go, on your travels etc.  It comes with a year of limited warranty and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You can return it within 30 days of your purchase.

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