ALY Folding Portable Steam Sauna Spa Tent with Steamer Pill Box Review

ALY Folding Portable Steam Sauna Spa Tent with Steamer

ALY Folding Steam Sauna

ALY Folding Steam Sauna is a portable spa tent health unit with a steamer, a pill box and a remote control for home use. It is designed for calorie burning, weight loss, detox, skin care, insomnia relief and relaxation.

Aly Steam Sauna is very easy to set up and will be ready for a great steam sauna session in just a few minutes. In terms of functionality and the effect you’ll feel it is comparable to the traditional wooden or steam saunas, with the added convenience of portability and ease of operation. You’ll feel the steam, heat and relaxation on your whole body. The sealing is quite good but without any movement restrictions and there is a double breathing window.

In this fully enclosed sauna spa tent you have a closed interior without any steam leaking. It has an upgraded larger interior that will be good enough for users of different heights and sizes. You’ll sweat quickly with the rich steam produced inside. With the 7-layer, water-proof, heat insulating fabric the heat is sealed and locked very well. Two of these seven layers are polymer splash-proof cloth, two of them are silk catkin insulation layers, an odorless eco-friendly cloth and an Oxford water-proof cloth.

ALY Folding Portable Steam Sauna

You can wipe clean it easily, fold and put it in its bag and take it wherever you want thanks to its lightweight and compact folded size or store it in a convenient spot in your house. You can set it up easily and by unzipping the double side zipper you can get in and out very easily. You have an open view through the transparent window that you see in the product photo, that you can open easily when you want or need to get some fresh air to feel more comfy.

Reported benefits include better quality sleep and insomnia relief, less fatigue and stress, alleviated body muscle pains and aches, enhanced blood circulation, and better muscle recovery after a workout or injuries. If you use it regularly and follow a healthy eating plan you will see your weight stabilizing and you can keep fit. Sweating at low temperatures is proven to offer the best detox for your body. The harmful toxins are eliminated in your body, systemic blood circulation is enhanced, and body’s metabolism is increased. The steamer for this sauna has 1000-watt power (220V, 50Hz) and 9 speed adjustments. It has the built-in security functions like the anti-leaking, anti-dry burning and anti-high voltage and you can have a peace of mind.

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