Alexander Wilson’s Manifestation Magic: Learn This, and Your Life Will Change Forever!

Learn This, and Your Life Will Change Forever!

Please try and picture a large garden in your mind. It has a rich soil that is full of nutrients and whatever you plant it will grow quickly and just fine. You also do not need to worry whether there will be enough sun or rain for your crop to grow nicely. You are allowed to plant whatever you want in this garden.

You can grow flowers like daisies, roses or carnations or fruits and vegetables. You can even plant poisonous and ugly things. The seeds you put in the soil in this garden will finally become something way bigger than its seed form. This garden is actually your mind and all your thoughts are the seeds you plant in this garden. It is quite a fertile garden and the seeds (thoughts) will create your life overall.


There is a very well known passage in the Holy Bible of the verse 7 in chapter 23: “For as he thinks in his heart, so is he”. Whatever you think in your mind, whatever you believe in, they all manifest your external reality. Your life is simply a reflection of all the small and big thoughts you put in your head and nourished. Whether it is good or bad it is all there for your experience. Your thoughts became your behaviors and actions, in which became what you achieved in life, good and bad. No matter how bad or cruel this may sound to you, you are exactly where you wanted to be all along.

Just look within, because deep down in yourself this is what you wanted to achieve. This is a fundamental rule found in all religions in the world, including Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and others. And it may sound slightly different with variations in different texts: “You become what you think about”. Our thoughts manifest our reality and wise people knew this all along, well before any books in the world. It is as simple and important as gravity as a universal law. This law functions at two simple levels. Firstly, your convictions or beliefs are linked to the cosmos at a quantum level and you always manifest what you believe in or what is really in your heart.

It doesn’t matter what you say or what you think you believe, because this is not what you manifest. If deep down you believe you deserve pain and sorrow then this is exactly what you get. A big percentage of people actually believe they think positively when they are quite destructive and negative inside. This is how a lot of people achieve nothing with the “Law of Attraction”. The negative voice in their subconscious minds always prevails. They are trying so hard to get success, money, health and prosperity from their garden when they are constantly planting seeds of poverty, pain, doubt and unhappiness.

What is in your heart is your truth and you may not even be aware that it is there. Universe gives you exactly what you ask, not really what you intended to get. You have been intending prosperity, while your real thoughts were of poverty. These thoughts become your beliefs. Your beliefs lead to your actions. Your actions lead to results. And your results become your destiny. The seeds or thoughts you plant in your head will determine how you act, but in such a subtle way that it is hard for you to perceive. Those thoughts that you’ve been adopting created who you really are.

Just like your breathing it can be very hard to notice unless you pay attention to it. You become aware of your behaviors and real thoughts only when you start to analyze them. But no matter what you are aware of, the thoughts that you put in your mind have become a big part of you and your life. You are just like the captain on an airplane carrying hundreds of passengers. You are the one controlling this massive thing that weighs tens of tons. And that is your life too, as you are the only one controlling it. Your behaviors or actions might seem quite complicated when you analyze, but there are only a few thoughts that control them and when you change them your whole life starts to change.

How to manifest anything you want in 24 hours

The universe might send the the opportunities your way, but you must act to benefit from them. You do need to open the door when you get luck knocking at your door. If you want a business opportunity and you’ve been thinking about it for some time. The universe will manifest the circumstances and the contacts- people, but they will certainly not suddenly appear at your door. You do need to take action and do something. Same for love if you have been wanting to manifest a partner. They will not come knocking on your door and ask you out for dinner.

You need to do something about it when the opportunity arises. The first thing you need to do is to think positive thoughts. You need to make a commitment to fill your mind with thoughts of love, prosperity and happiness. If you have only had poison and bad thoughts in there for a while, then it may take you a bit of time to remove them all. But as soon as they are out, you will find something really beautiful. You will find yourself being in the right places, meeting the right people, at just the right time and you will get what you want.

So how do we help you achieve what you want? The Manifestation Magic program includes the hidden NLP commands that will plant positive seeds in your subconscious mind. NLP stands for Neurolinguistic programming, which is a powerful psychological approach that is built around hypnosis or psychotherapy to help you program your subconscious mind. It will plant the seeds of love, prosperity and happiness in your heart and your mind. It contains the best brainwave training built around the Solfeggio scales to teach your brain to run at a much higher frequency to help heal you and manifest whatever you want in your life.

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