Alemior Adjustable Ab Crunch Coaster Abdominal MAX Machine Review

Alemior Adjustable Ab Crunch Coaster

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Alemior Adjustable Ab Crunch Coaster is a foldable deluxe ab machine for a comprehensive abdominal training in the comfort of your home without much stress on your back and neck. It first became available at on September 14, 2021, and there aren’t many customer reviews so far.

It is currently listed in the top 75 best selling home gym systems on the website. You have the two color options to choose from, black and silver and please check the availability and the current prices on the product page on It has a commercial grade alloy steel tubing and frame for supporting 440 pounds of total user weight capacity and has a robust and durable construction overall, weighs xx pounds and measures 52.4L x 24.8W x 51H inches.

Alemior Ab Crunch Coaster is a deluxe ab machine that is built with the steel bearings and has an adjustable seat and the vinyl covered molded foam arm pads. The bottom-up slider motion is easy to do without much burden or stress on your body, muscles, joints, back or neck. And it is suitable for use in different fitness settings. It has a three-position free style seat, adjustable handle and rep counter. So you have a digital repetition counter that helps you monitor your core/ab workout for you to keep track of your progress and stay motivated. 

You have the multi-angle adjustable seat and handle for your overall comfort during your training sessions. You can find your comfy arm length with the adjustable handle. It is suitable for use by any user at any fitness level from beginner to long-term advanced. The natural spinal flexion is mimicked by the curved track and you can do your ab lift in the right form. It has the platealemior Adjustale Ab Crunch Coaster Max Machine loading posts on both sides of the seat for you to add extra weights for more challenge. You’ll get a pair of 4.4 pounds of removable weight plates in the box. 

You can assemble the ab crunch coaster easily in just a few minutes by following the clear instructions and using the tools included in the package. It has a conveniently foldable design for easy relocation and storage in any part of your house. It has an ergonomic curved design for your body and if you do not want to put pressure on your spine please do the exercises in the right form. You will feel all parts of your abs worked well especially and you can get great results over time if you also follow a healthy eating plan. The overall structure, bearing capacity and the armrests on the ab crunch coaster feel stronger than the other ab machines on the market. 

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