ALDOM Massage Gun Deep Tissue Percussion Muscle Massager Review

ALDOM Deep Tissue Percussion Massage Gun

ALDOM Massage Gun Muscle Massager Deep Tissue Percussion

ALDOM Massage Gun is a hot new release  professional, cordless, deep tissue percussion muscle massager, body massager or sports drill with a powerful motor, impressive 30 speed levels and 6 head attachments to help relieve the muscle stiffness, pain or soreness.

The average user rating is 4.8 out of 5 stars by 91 users on the day of this post release. It is competitively priced despite the 30 speeds offered, and modern, ergonomic design. You can expect enhanced blood flow, lactic acid relief and faster recovery after your workout session. You can use it to the gym easily and also use it for warm up prior to your exercise.

It can be operated easily with a single hand thanks to its ergonomic design and the comfy grip. You can apply it on your muscles to relieve pain and fatigue and speed up the recovery. Pick one of the 6 massager heads and one of the 30 adjustable speeds for an efficient massage. This Aldom Massage Gun offers between 1800 to 4800 pulses per minute for your different body parts. It may feel like vibrations on other models, it will feel like deep percussions with this one.

You can start out slow and move up, then down- use both the high and low pressure for your quick recovery after your workout session. You will feel less pain and the recovery time will be significantly reduced. Despite the power of the brushless motor and speed levels and deep penetration it works relatively quietly. It will send lovely relaxation waves and relief on the muscles of your body, will increase your flexibility and mobility. 2400 mAh high-quality lithium battery can work for roughly 8 to 10 hours after a recharge.

8 hours of battery should be enough for more than a week’s worth of workouts. The LCD display shows the speed and the battery power level (three colors) and you do not need to worry about running out of battery. You are recommended to charge it fully for more than 4 hours before you first start using it. It comes with a nice carry case for you to put the massage gun and the attachments to take anywhere with you. This is basically a back and neck massager that can be used on your whole body, including calves and thighs.

ALDOM Massage Gun Muscle Massager Deep Tissue Percussion 30-speed adjustment

With a very strong heat dissipation function you can use the massage gun for longer as there won’t be any crashing because of overheating. The massage gun will be protected from any damage. It works much quieter than the other models on the market thanks to the ultra-low damping technology with the back motor filter, sound insulation plate and the aerodynamic noise reduction shell. The noise level is specified to be within the range of 35 and 50 decibels.

The taper head is for deep tissue like joint and palm, round head is for buttock, back, leg and hand, thumb head is for soft tissue, spade shaped head is for whole body bones and flat head is for relaxing all muscles. It can also be used for helping prevent fascitis, which is the inflammation of the connective tissue around the muscles, nerves and blood vessels (fascia). In the box you will get the massage gun, 6 head attachments, an AC charger, a replacement rubber ring and a user manual. It is offered with a 12-month warranty for replacement and a 90-day money back guarantee.

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