AeroPilates Spine Corrector Barrel, 4250-55 Review

AeroPilates Spine Corrector Barrel

AeroPilates Spine Corrector Barrel

AeroPilates Spine Corrector Barrel (4250-55) by Stamina Products is a solid oak color hardwood that is designed to correct and restore the curve of your spine and to open the chest. It is offered in single size and comes with a 20-minute exercise DVD by master and elite trainers.

This modern, heavy duty, imported spine corrector barrel is made of hardwood, foam and vinyl and has a sturdy and durable construction. So it has a wooden construction with the padding at the top, looks good in lovely oak color, weighs 18 pounds and measures 27.5W x 17.5L x 13.5H inches. It has a fairly compact and space saving design and with the handle you can move and relocate it easily. It would work well for people at different heights and sizes except for very tall or heavy people. The total user weight capacity for this pilates spine corrector is 275 pounds.

The AeroPilates Spine Corrector Barrell was designed originally by Joseph Pilates and it offers a nice way to strengthen your shoulder, abs and back, enhance your posture and offers a way to open the spine. It comes with a 20-minute exercise video with the elite trainers Marjolein Brugman and Romana Kryzanowska. They explain and demonstrate the 14 basic exercises you can do on the AeroPilates. You have many options for stretching and exercising on this spine corrector barrel and you can certainly benefit from it in different ways.

AeroPilates Spine Corrector Barrel Wood

As humans get older, muscles become weaker and the spine may lose its natural curve. Your spine is kept supple and young by the shoulder, back and abdominal muscles strengthened by the spine corrector barell. First your chest is opened, shoulders become straight and the hump back goes away as you go along. You can breathe easily and deeply with the open chest. It helps strengthen, tone and enhance your flexibility and posture.

Apart from the physiological benefits the Aero Pilates offers, it tones and trims your thighs and your core- abdominal section is strengthened. You will find this good quality and popular spine corrector barrell in many studios around the world. The side handles for performing certain exercises will also be good for moving the barrel around. This unisex adult spine corrector barrel first became available at back on October 9, 2008. And the average user rating is 4.5 out of 5 stars by 139 customers at the time of this review. It is currently ranked the 69th best selling strength training inversion equipment at

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