ADVENOR 4D Vibration Plate Triple Motor 120 Speed w/Loop Bands Review

ADVENOR 4D Triple Motor Vibration Plate

ADVENOR 4D Vibration Platform Triple Motors

Black ADVENOR 4D Vibration Plate is a high-end machine for a whole body workout with the triple motors that offer you 120 speeds. With the loop bands and the yoga mat included in the package, you can focus on the upper body and combine different exercises on its 3D/4D vibration platform.

This four-dimensional vibration platform can help you burn calories and fat, lose weight and shape and tone your body over regular use. It can help you improve your flexibility, balance and strength for shaping your body. It is made of engineered ABS which feels quite robust and measure 28 x 16.4 x 7 inches. The total maximum user weight capacity. This four-dimensional vibration platform is 330 pounds or 150kg on this sturdy and durable plate.

There is a speed indicator light on the control panel and you can adjust the speed between 1 and 120 depending on your training needs at the time. It supports Bluetooth music and has the speakers for you to listen to relaxing music during your session. You’ll find 7 basic training modes and 3 auto preset programs to help you achieve your goals. The wearable wireless remote gives you the same functions of speed adjustment and mode, like on the LCD control panel. So you can adjust your speed right on the remote control while you’re exercising.

It is a good quality, durable, functional and comfortable vibration platform that passed thousands of tests for durability and comfort before going out on the market. Advenor Vibration Platform has one of the most stable motors in the industry and you can have a peace of mind. The 4D vibration platform has ADVENOR 4D Vibration Plate Accessoriesthe 7 training modes of vibration, linear, oscilating, Oscilating+Vibration, Oscilating+Linear, Oscilating+Linear+Vibration, Linear+Vibration. The maximum time setting is 10 minutes on this vibration platform.

With the speed light function the speed light color changes depending on your speed: Green between 1 and 40, blue between 41 and 80 and red between 81 and 120. It has a 440-watt power triple motor that works with 110V of voltage and 50/60Hz of frequency. If you have some kind of discomfort on your legs or other parts of your body you can massage that area on this platform and you should get good results. As a very recent release product it has a single 5 star rating by a happy customer. You’ll get 12 months of parts warranty, quality assurance on the products and online customer support that is available for 24 hours every day.

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