60uP Balance Board Training System by Bob Eubanks, As Seen On TV Review

60uP Balance Board Training System


60uP Balance Board Program

60uP Balance Board Training System by Bob Eubanks is designed for seniors to help them enhance the strength in their upper and lower bodies and re-align their bodies. It offers a natural strengthening and alignment program that imitates what happens to the body throughout the day.

60uP trains the three most important components of balance, which are the strength, the alignment and the neuro-brain connections. This As Seen On TV, patented, “Made in America” program helps the seniors regain and maintain their balance. It can be used pretty much anywhere in the house or outdoors. And you can have your music or TV on to keep you entertained during your training session.

It is a sturdy and durable balance board that is made of engineered composite compound that can hold more than 1000 pounds of body weight. The two balance flex poles offer a safe grip. You can easily put it in a closet or under a bed after you’re done with your dialy session. The board is only 4 inches high and you can step up and down easily. It has an anti-slip textured surface and by wearing the soft soled rubber shoes you can feel totally safe. In the box you’ll get the 60uP Balance Board, the red stability ball, dual balance yellow flex poles with the safe grip, 4 yellow intro resistance bands (2 long and 2 short), red clip hooks and the instructional training DVD.

It is about body strength and alignment and brain connections. It offers a great front to back, left to right and top to bottom re-training of what your body used to do. It imitates what happens to your body in your daily life. And it reconnects your brain with your leg, feet and core muscles, to feel and respond to what happens as you move. This way you are less likely to encounter mobility problems and to lose confidence in your movements and you’ll improve the blood flow to your heart. Your mobility and balance will be improved and you’ll be less likely to fall. The 60uP Balance Board Program may also work well for those of you recovering from a stroke, a fall, an accident or any other issues that may influence your sense of mobility,  balance and fitness.

60uP Balance Board As Seen on TV

Please do not push your body to what it can’t handle, try and do it at your own speed and rest if you are thirsty or tired. It is a good idea to have somebody with you to motivate you to do the work and help you in case you need it. You need to be hydrated before the training and have some water with you during the program. Please wear rubber shoes with the soft soles that offer the maximum amount of anti-slip foot grip on the board. It is important that you put the balance board on an anti-slip mat or a carpet, and not on a hard floor. Do not put your full body weight on the poles and if you feel that’s happening please step back off the board and restart when you are OK to go on the board.

The 60uP Balance Board comes with a 60-day satisfaction guarantee and you can return it if you’re not happy with it for whatever reason. You can contact the customer support of 60uP on their email address- CustomerService@60uP.com. You’ll find many workout videos on the 60uP YouTube channel and they will add a PDF manual with 30+ exercises on their website at the end of June 2020. You can also purchase the upgraded stronger metal poles with zero flex, stronger resistance bands and the non-slip mat on their website or Amazon if available at the time. The reviews online are mostly positive and there are people reporting to have gained their mobility and balance even after a serious health condition. You can actually start seeing results by dedicating a few minutes a day on the 60uP Balance Board Program. It seems to be very much worth the money and we are happy to recommend it.

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