4YANG Portable Steam Sauna Tent with 2.2L 1000W Fumigation Machine Review

4YANG Portable Steam Sauna Tent

4YANG Portable Folding Personal Indoor Spa Steam Sauna

4YANG Portable Steam Sauna is a personal indoor foldable spa tent that comes with a 2.2L capacity fumigation machine with 1000 watts power for solid steam generation, a decent foldable chair and a remote control for easier operation during your steam sauna session.

4YANG Steam Sauna is a very recent release portable steam sauna product without many customer reviews online. But it appears to have a solid waterproof structure, functionality, flexibility and ease of use. You have the option to get this 4Yang Steam Sauna in blue with stool or in pink purple without a stool with about a 19 dollars price difference at the time of this review. Please check the Amazon product page for the current prices for both options. The four common major reported benefits of using such a steam sauna unit include the beauty- skin care, detox, weight loss and relaxation.

You have 15 auto timer options on the remote control and the control panel on the steam box, that lets you adjust to the time length that you want at the time. It comes with the built-in safety functions like the brand new emergency exhaust valve to prevent an explosion, anti leakage and anti dry burning protection and auto power-off protection. With this portable and foldable sauna tent that you can fold or unfold in just a minute or so, you have the flexibility of using it wherever you want. It fits in the little bag provided and you can move it wherever you want in your house or outside on your travels.

4YANG Portable Folding Personal Indoor Spa

It is easy to set up in just a couple of minutes and start having a sauna session in less than ten minutes. Because the tent is made of polyester and satin with better heat insulation and waterproof feature. You will have a better experience by using essential oils or Chinese herbal medicine. It can help improve your sleep quality, relieve any joint pain or stiffness, moisturize your skin, enhance blood circulation in your body, reduce stress, increase your energy levels and burn off calories.

4Yang Foldable Steam Sauna weighs 14.77 pounds and measures 35.4 x 27.5 x 27.5 inches as set up. It has the internal and external zippers and the PVC bracket for stability. The foldable chair that you get with this steam sauna set is better quality than what we’ve seen in other portable sauna units and comfortable. You can have a lovely relaxing time in this sauna tent in the comfort of your home, while you’re watching movies or listening to music. With 1000 watts of power it can heat up to a temperature of 65 degrees Celsius. Please note that it is OK to use tap water in the steam box. And this will save you on money as you’ll probably be using this sauna tent every day. Overall you have a good value product here with a robust construction and user friendly features at a low price.

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